The Happy Fits

The Happy Fits

Chess at Breakfast, Race to Neptune

Wed ยท October 17, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

Chess at Breakfast
Chess at Breakfast
A little about Caleb @ Breakfast:
Caleb finds most of his solace in writing anything ranging from songs, to poetry, to fiction, to screenplays. To him, there's nothing sweeter than combining the written word with the audible. Though primarily driven by the surreal and the unanswered, Caleb doesn't spend all of his moments throwing thoughts at the wall. Often times, he finds himself bound to much simpler subjects, like Reuben sandwiches and cheap coffee highs.

A little about Justin @ Breakfast:
Justin is a classical soul trapped in a modern age, though he seems to make due. He is fascinated by the exploration of sound, which has led to his love for creating it. While his heart lies in the arms of music, Justin has also been known to ravish in the delight of a favorite film or a good conversation.

A little about Mike @ Breakfast:
Mike is the newest addition to Chess @ Breakfast. Not only is he the cherry on top, but one might say he's also the chocolate coding (mmm, girl). He has an extensive background in music performance, recording and production and is currently producing C@B's debut album. Outside of the band, Mike is invested in several other Colorado music projects, most notably the experimental hip-hop group, KARATAKA.
Venue Information:
Downtown Artery
252 Linden Street
Fort Collins, CO, 80524